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Made To Custom is a UK based, personalised phone cases retailer. The majority of their revenue was, from the beginning, a result of ebay advertising, however, the cost was consuming an un-proportionately large amount of revenue.

The owner of Made To Custom asked us for help.

What We've Done

We decided that the best way to increase sales while lowering the ad spend, was a transfer to an independent store through our partner Shopify. We have designed and set up a store in record time, and we are currently conducting advertising campaigns to test out the audiences.

After a full 30 Days of the site being live, we have managed to achieve sales of over £3.9K from a rough ad spend of £1.2K resulting in a fantastic profit as well as a strong ROAS that we look to build on further through advanced targeting and lookalike audiences exclusively with Facebook Advertising.

Our client is unbelievably happy with the current progress of the Shopify side of the business, as we dive further into the business we will be taking on more responsibility, helping to skyrocket the sales for Made To Custom even further.

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